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Meet our team of qualified home loan professionals meeting a variety of needs, headquartered in Metro Detroit, Michigan. 

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Nebo Lending | Mike

Mike Pietila

Chief Executive Officer

NMLS #847850
(586) 703-7226
Licensed in Michigan, Florida, and Colorado
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Mike has been in the industry since 2011. Using his entrepreneurial and consultative skill sets, Mike helps Nebo’s clients get the most out of their home finances.

Nebo Lending | Jeremiah

Jeremiah Claramunt

Chief Growth Officer

NMLS #33184
(734) 536-7722
Licensed in Michigan, Florida, and Texas
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Jeremiah has been in the Mortgage/Financial and Real Estate Industry since 1992. He is a leader in building multi-billion dollar companies and a skilled mortgage consultant. A native born in Detroit and current resident of Orlando, FL, Jeremiah is much involved in his communities both in MI and FL.

Mortgage Loan Originators

Nebo Lending | Joe

Joe Nannini

NMLS #751098
(586) 864-3264
Licensed in Michigan and Florida
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Joe has been in the industry for 15 years. He has experience with mortgage lending, real estate, and title. He is an insightful resource for borrowers in any situation!

Nebo Lending | Steve

Steve Ferguson

NMLS #2398184
(708) 828-1561
Licensed in Michigan
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Steve looks forward to helping you through the home lending process with an emphasis on educating you to understand all the options available. With over a decade of experience in education, Steve will help take the mystery out of the home lending process, and guide you through all of your home lending needs.

Nebo Lending | Johanna

Johanna Boney-Hewitt

NMLS #2084936
(772) 208-9802
Licensed in Florida
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Johanna thrives with getting to know her clients so she can better understand their home outlook. Her approach and excitement helps homeowners create financial equity for generations to come.

Nebo Lending | Janine

Janine Hill

NMLS #908577
(734) 968-9253
Licensed in Michigan
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Janine has been in the mortgage industry since 2000. She brings to her clients a classic way of helping them find the best situation for them. Using the latest lenders, products, and technology, Janine and the Nebo team will take you from start to finish, no matter how difficult.

Patrick Carney

NMLS #1003407
(321) 277-0431
Licensed in Florida and Michigan
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Patrick has been in the industry since 2003. With a degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida, he sees things others overlook, allowing him to help his clients find creative financing solutions. No matter how complex the situation, he uses his dedication to learning, experience, and unparalleled insight to better understand the forces that drive interest rates.

Hugo Calvillo

NMLS #1808485
(407) 729-3006
Licensed in Florida
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Hugo has experience that spans 10 years and all over the US in the mortgage and real estate industry. He is focused on helping first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors. While keeping an active ear to the ground to better understand new programs to benefit his clients, Hugo is ready to help you and the community!

Chhaya Shah

NMLS #169320
(248) 417-4420
Licensed in Michigan
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Chhaya has been in the mortgage industry for 28 years. With a focus on exceeding her client’s expectations, Chhaya ensures she is ready for any situation. Reach out to Chhaya for guidance on your home loan scenario today!

Ryan Wood

NMLS #2556709
(248) 918-3446
Licensed in Michigan
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With nearly a decade of experience in the mortgage industry, Ryan thrives at problem solving in difficult scenarios. He works diligently to find a path or solution in any situation and builds a relationship to reassure and truly serve an individual’s needs. 
Our Vision
Nebo Lending provides the easiest way for anyone to get the most out of their finances and home.
Our Mission
The mission of Nebo Lending is to alleviate the stresses affiliated with housing and finances. We consider someone's entire financial picture as we plan the best strategy for their short-term and long-term situation. We acknowledge that we are purely mortgage specialists and therefore utilize the insights of applicable third-party experts. We provide the resources anyone can implement to accomplish and understand their overall goals. Nebo Lending is patient and strategic with our objective to provide everyone with a better way to mortgage.
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We have faith in your big-picture plan.